Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Jamie Wei Huang SS18 Collection at London Fashion Week

Titled 'DEW' Jamie Wei Huang's SS18 collection is inspired by the indigenous Taiwanese tribes and their ancient stories.
The record of the story is expressed in the pink stripes and colourful glass beads.

The journey began with scattered stones contrasting on a soft and delicate coloured stripe,

plain blue and beige denim with geometric silhouettes,

 flat beads and thick coloured lines.

A woman stitched all her treasures onto the back of her daughter's garment so the spirits will think it was her front from far away and will protect the daughter

Buttons are prominent as Huang's mother used to go into the city and exchanged cloth she woved for buttons. She sewed these buttons on to her wedding dress as precious decorations, proud to take the first photograph of her life.

Huang collaborates with jewellery designer Niza Huang who crafted the inspiration into contemporary pieces.

Malan Breton SS18 at London Fashion Week

Titled 'Hades in Darkness, Breton draws his inspiration from the Edwardian and Victorian era,

focusing on the magical darkness  and the comic book styled villains that roamed the shadows of this time.

Video of the show's finale:

Breton juxtaposes modern athleisure silhouettes with classic tailoring of yesteryear

and couture contours crafted at Lesage in Paris.

Wire, bone and rubber convey a story of modernism, sex and chaotic beauty - it's Moulin Rouge meets Blade Runner meets Camille.

Silk and tulles are transformed to give the illusion of wings

whereas hand beading and Asian brocades rival these with attributes of the underworld.

Patterns are strong with Asian symbols derived from Malan's Taiwanese roots

and sit alongside butterflies and mythological creatures.

Photographer: Simon Armstrong

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Yuvna Kim SS18 at Fashion International Showcase

Title 'Le Jardin D'Eve', Yuvna Kim draws inspiration from the delicate and enchanting yet untamed beauty of nature.

The collection is adorned with Kim's signature 3D blossoms, Resham embroideries and elaborate beadwork.

The era is the 1920's with deep plunge v necklines, shimmering fabrics and..

 and sultry backless looks.

Beadwork emulates the graceful Art Deco patterns

Long sleeves are a modern touch while the floral and lace detailing gives the dresses a vintage feel.

Colour palette is of blush jewel tones and pastel shades.

Eudon Choi SS18 at London Fashion Week

Titled E 1027,  Eudon Choi takes inspiration from architect and furniture designer Eileen Gray's E-1027 house, a modernist haven on the SE coast of France.
The collection has a classic retro maritime feel translating the era and the French Riviera, whilst adding a twist of modernity with asymmetric scarf and the oversized blazer.

Video of the show's finale:

Gray designed the villa with input from her lover, architect Jean Badovic and diffuses border constraints between architecture and decoration, celebrating the unification of creative practices.

E1027 is the name of the villa - a code solidifying the status of the lovers. E for Eileen and the numbers represent their initials in the alphabet line up: 10 for Jean, 2 for Badovici and 7 for Gray.
Circle patterns emulate the pattern on Gray's blue marine rug.  Look closely and you'll see the number 53 - has Eudon Choi taken a leaf out of Gray's alphabet book? 5 for E and 3 for C?

Other patterns include checks, tartan

and the maritime stripe

Stimulated but Eileen Gray's geometric forms, Choi employs his signature clean lines.

Colour palette is a maritime exploration, evoking open space and sea breeze.

This season Choi collaborated with jewellery designer Chris Habana. The designs reference the polished chromium and plate glass of Gray's multi functioning furniture.

Choi's bag and footwear collection is a collaboration with lifestyle brand Decke


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