Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Luxury Clothing and Swimwear Brand Aqualuxe

New luxury swimwear fashion brand Aqualuxe brings you the highest quality clothing to provide stylish women with swimwear cover ups and poolside glamour.
The Azure Kaftan in powder blue from the Capsule Collection

The beautiful range comprises of two debut collections – The Capsule Collection and The Luxe Collection.
Esmeralda in Khaki Green from the Capsule Collection

The Capsule Collection offers a variety of simplistic, chic designs including the Azure, the Carmela, the Valentina and the Cacia – all available in a variety of colours including Powder Blue and Dusky Pink.
Valentina in Dusky Pink & Demi in Cerise Pink from the Capsule Collection

The Luxe Collection is perfect for those striving for that added extravagance with their intricate knitwear range, with their hero style the Carmela Luxe Knit available in Classic Black.

Carmela knit from the Luxe Collection

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Garden Party Chic by Dower & Hall

Ones To Watch - Krasimira Stoyneva AW17

#WearHairNotFur is the motto of Krasimira Stoyneva`s signature

 "My aim is to make an ultimate luxury alternative of fur by using synthetic hair. Using hair allows me to create an endless possibilities of colour and texture varieties in my garments. It gives it stand out shout and incredible luxury feel. I believe that hair with all its potential will become new material to be used within the fashion industry. I would love to be one of the pioneers that made that possible."

In this way, the hair fabric has soon become the brand trade-mark.

 In every collection the designer presented a young minded and self-confident woman; a creative person with a strong personality and a very unique style: “she can be what she likes to be, she likes to feel free, she only needs to imagine ..... ” said Krasimira to describe her vision.

 The innovation is a constant research for Krasimira: the hair changes meaning and shapes in every collection.
 Materials, fabrics and patterns are the main elements that characterise the label.

Valerie Moser Cotton Clutches - Wearable Art

This year, Valerie Moser has announced the ‘Chaotic Bliss’ collection, new for 2017 - a graffiti-like collection with bold paint strokes, feminine figures and daring free-hand painting.

Valerie Moser’s hero product is its range of contemporary clutch bags. Featuring vibrant, hand-drawn images printed onto a natural fabric, its selection of clutches turn an accessory into a wearable form of art, providing a practical yet fashionable outfit addition to see users through from day to night. Earthy tones such as khaki, turquoise and red prevail throughout, alongside accents of black, white and neutral tones. The beautiful mess of the lines make for creatively fun, edgy and intricate compositions.
Like the rest of the Valerie Moser range, all bags are handmade to the highest quality, featuring motifs infused by the designer’s personality, printed onto a natural, tactile cotton fabric.
 Valerie Moser commented, “Being trained in graphic design and typography, I am always drawn to fashion that is bold, daring and tells its own story. No other article enables such expression as a handbag. Even a simple, basic outfit can be injected with character with the bag that is worn alongside it. With this in mind, I created my range to enable my clients to portray their personality using the artistic designs that I create.”
 Ms Moser added, “The name Chaotic Bliss is my description of Bali which oddly creates a link with Greece, my home, as both places share this raw, beautiful, messy feel. Every visual element is absorbed and constitutes a source of inspiration for me as a designer.”
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Monday, 17 April 2017

Paul Costelloe AW17 Collection

For AW17 Paul Costelloe’s inspiration is taken from Alison Weir’s historic novel ‘The Lost Tudor Princess’: the Life of Margaret Douglas Countess of Lennox’. Like the beautiful and tempestuous Margaret, the collection is bold in spirit, dominant in image and strong in content. 

With a nod to the Tudor period, sleeves are exaggerated and lengths are diverse, with styles such as bell, hanging and semi puffed sleeves bringing back the excitement that was once relished by courtesans of the great Palaces.

One quilted leather dress emulates the Tudor man’s skirted jerkin/doublet worn with paned sleeves (cut-outs) revealing the fabric underneath – then the height of fashion

The collection takes part of its colour palette from Weir’s line; ‘From the store at Whitehall…cloth of gold in crimson, russet, tawny and yellow, mulberry

… white and cream, and wool furred with powdered ermine.’

Never compromising on quality, this season sees the best of European fabrics used including:

Italian quilted cottons and silk jacquards, 

Irish tweeds from Magee’s..... 

, the finest wools and cashmere from Como,

 Pure French cottons and English latex.  Here the ruffled shirts echo the long linen shirts worn by the Tudor man and the latex leggings their hose. 

Outerwear dominates the collection with statement coats and jackets.  All will be ideal for the winter races.

The brand's trademark feminine baby doll dress makes an appearance in silk jacquard with the low square Tudor style neckline.

Also loving the deep patch pockets on the skirts!!


Celebrities Spotted in Alesha Dixon x Collection

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Nannic UV-Shield - Instant Spray on Sun Protection

It is important to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day, but how do you prevent your carefully applied makeup being ruined and wiped off at the first re-application of sunscreen?
Solution: You go for an instant  spray on sunshield which can be used over makeup.

Launched this year, Nannic spray on UV Shield not only protects the skin from UVB nd UVA, but has the added bonus of helping improve skin firmness, moisturising the skin, helping protect against hyperpigmentation and reducing skin scaling. It is oil free and does not stain clothes. Price £37.99

Here are some facts  to consider:

Fact 1: absorbed chemical UV-filters are scientifically known to penetrate and cause hormonal alterations.
NANNIC UV-SHIELD contains encapsulated UVB-filters. This makes it safe for human metabolism, because harmful chemical UV-filters no longer are able to penetrate into the skin.
NANNIC UV-SHIELD renders safe protection ON the skin, no harm in the skin.

Fact 2; nano sized particles and silicones are prohibited in spray form for facial applications.
NANNIC UV-SHIELD is free of nano-particles and silicons.

Fact 3: we must not only protect against burning but also against ageing.
 NANNIC UV-SHIELD also actively protects skin cells against UVA-damage.
NANNIC UV-SHIELD protects the skin towards UV-B, UV-A, infrared, and visible lights. It transforms absorbed UV into harmless thermal energy.


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